Reina Michelle Cosmetics is a Georgia-based cosmetics & skincare line formulated by using botanicals, herbs, & essential oils. All of my products are handcrafted 100% all natural, organic, free of parabens, toxic chemicals & cruelty-free. 

A few years ago my cousin died from skin cancer. Shortly after her death I embarked on a mission to discover the healthiest & most effective ways to promote healthier skin. To that end, I have created an organic product line of skincare & cosmetics for today’s health conscious women without using toxic chemicals.

For the last six years I have studied various techniques used by Native Indians & West Africans to enrich, enhance & condition your skin by using botanicals.

I truly believe everyone can benefit greatly from all that I have to offer with my organic skincare & cosmetic line. I look forward to introducing you to the healthier way to look and feel great. 

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